Christopher Hilton Hassell

Board Certified in Family Practice, Registered Herbalist

I have been working as a holistically oriented family physician since 1979 and was board certified in family medicine in 1986.

Prior to gaining entry into medical school at the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons in Eire, I had traveled with my wife through the middle and far East, lived in Australia and taught High School. With two children we moved back to the Toronto, Ontario area in Canada where we had grown up, and I worked as a 'drug rep' in the pharmaceutical industry.

It was there we encountered a 'challenge' with one of our children who was helped, through following the advice given to us by one of the teachers at the Toronto Waldorf School. While our child was definitely better by taking the advice, it created another 'challenge' because the picture of the world in which a material-physical universe was all there was, couldn't be right, if the Waldorf approach was right. It presented a world in which we are all seen as working creatively with the forces of nature. I really struggled with this conflicting view of the world, but I ultimately became convinced there was really something to it, and began to change my plans; started applying for medical school. I didn't get into the schools I applied to then.

We traveled to England where I studied education and agriculture and spent some time studying at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London while at Emerson College in Forest Row, Sussex. With one more child we left for Dublin, where I had been accepted to study at The Royal College of Surgeons. During this time we had our fourth child.

I had been a very mediocre student prior to medical school. In medical school, I did surprisingly well. I loved what I was learning and was fortunate to have had an opportunity, in the summers, to study in clinics which used Waldorf-like methods applied to healing. My first wife and I separated and I was challenged with the raising of 3 bright boys.

I did a family practice residency back in Toronto. I remarried happily. After residency, I started an integrative family practice, delivered babies, worked as an active staff physician in my local hospital and was for years a staff physician with the local sexual assault care center. Now I work mainly at a local urgent care, free standing clinic where I try to help patients to make healthy lifestyle choices as well as suturing their lacerations and taking plastic beads out of ears and noses (for example).

Over the years I worked with my wife of 33 years, a teacher and Wellness Counselor who for years, taught and counseled about healing and natural food cooking as well as being my office manager and secretary. Together, we shared 6 children and 10 grandchildren.

A joy has been to support the work with neurologically challenged children at Camp Winston where I volunteer as the camp doctor.

I hope that the information in this site will be of benefit to you. It often represents my personal experiences. My opinions may differ at times from the prevailing view but they have worked, generally well, over the years for many of the thousands of patients for whom I have cared.