Electro Smog

Or how our electromagnetic environment affects us and what we can do about it.

We live in a world in which the very fabric of our life is being invisibly shredded by waves made by the devices we use. It's not just humans who are affected. Honeybees are vanishing. Its called colony collapse and it's been linked, by some scientists, to proximity to cell phone (microwave) towers. We humans can't live without the honeybee to pollinate our food - nuts, seeds, grains, and fruits. And its not just the bee which is affected. It's us as well.

How is Electro Smog Produced?

Everything that uses or produces alternating current (A. C.) electricity produces some form of electromagnetic radiation. Some examples:

  • high tension electric transmission lines
  • transformers of all types, including the ones outside your home, those little black cubes attached to your wall sockets, which power clock radios, cell phones, computer equipment etc.
  • all electric motors: fans, air conditioning, furnaces, hair driers, electric razors etc.
  • cell phones, PDF's laptop computers etc.
  • communication equipment which uses microwaves (they are usually associated with heating food): cell phones, PDF's, portable telephones, wireless routers everywhere, cell phone towers and transmitters on the rooftops of many buildings in residential areas
  • florescent light fixtures, which may be most intense from the twirly compact florescent's now being promoted for energy saving
  • electric household stoves of all sorts but more intense with induction cooking

What Are The Effects of Electro Smog?

The evidence is accumulating. Many scientists have come forward with studies linking EMF's to human health risks. Some people are much more susceptible to this electro smog; those with chronic migraines, people and children with ADD and ADHD. These include:

  • changes in the way we think and focus creating foggy heads, triggering random thoughts, increasing headaches, and difficulty with learning and remembering
  • emotional changes and difficulties in the way we handle our emotions (greater frustration and anger)?
  • decreased fertility especially among men
  • increased frequency of cancer; greater risk related to length and intensity of exposure. This is of great concern for children using cell phones.
  • increased fatigue; may have profound impact in those with weakened nervous systems (Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis or those with heavy metal neural build-up)
  • increased headaches in people with head "hot spots" created by dental amalgams and appliances made of metal, and those with surgical clips
  • increased frequency of digestive disturbances like leaky gut
  • increased risk of genetic mutations in future generations triggered by oxidative stress causing DNA damage
  • increased risk of autism spectrum disorder especially when mothers are exposed during pregnancy

How Can You Protect Yourself From Electro Smog?

Very important work is being done by a group - ElectromagneticHealth.org The founders of this organization are supported by many scientists from many countries, most of whom are independent i.e. they can work without the possible suppression which industry might apply. Become aware of the problem. If you think that you might have a problem, check your residence. Many places have extremely high levels of EMS's and microwave radiation. You may wish to purchase one of the meters to let you measure how your home, office and car measure up.

A word to the wise: many people I know have measured their hybrid vehicles and found dangerously high levels of EMF's. Some of them had been suffering from extreme fatigue which resolved after getting a new vehicle.

Grounding your energy may be another way of reducing the negative effect of our toxic environment. Please see A source for earthing supplies and information.

Other ways to reduce your exposure:

  1. reduce cell phone use, including blue tooth especially when wearing both the phone and the blue tooth device
  2. replace the wireless routers in your home - and ask about your workplace - with wired
  3. replace your electric stove with gas
  4. cook on your stove and reduce your use of microwave ovens
  5. check your vehicle and if the EMF's are high, install protective mesh to help shield you, but you may need to look for a less dangerous one
  6. reduce your use of electric hair driers and electric razors
  7. bicycle and walk more; drive and fly less
  8. replace your compact fluorescent lights with incandescent ones. Apparently the closest light to sunlight is an unfrosted 60 watt bulb. Save energy by turning off unneeded lights.
  9. avoid medical x-rays and CT scans unless really necessary

What Steps Can You Take to Reduce the Damage to Your Body Caused by Electro Smog?

  1. take care of your diet - reduce excess eating and foods which create oxidative stress - rancid oils, trans-fatty acids in some commercial fast foods, excess sugars, charred meats especially chicken, old coffee (begins to change from alkaline producing and likely beneficial to oxidized and likely harmful about 10 minutes after brewing)
  2. include plenty of organic vegetables, whole grains, and fruits (organic because they have more micro nutrients and likely aren't radiated). If you can't work these foods into your diet, consider getting a supplement that's loaded with micro nutrients made absorbable with the use of a new technology.
  3. include sea vegetables and fresh water edible algae - they're loaded with micronutrients, may help with detoxification, and help immune function in the gut
  4. improve gut immunity with daily consumption of probiotics
  5. include a powerful antioxidant and glutathione promoter - MaxGxl on a daily basis
  6. increase Vitamin D and have your blood levels checked after a few months


The link above will take a moment to load but it is worthwhile reading. In it is a description of the results of a science project in which the outcome of plants was followed when watered with water, after it had cooled, from either a standard stove or a microwave oven.

You may have found other strategies for dealing with this issue. Please share them with your friends. If possible, you might be willing to register your opinion for improving our world on the ElectromagneticHealth.org web site.