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Conflict of interest declaration

My wife used to sell products made by New Earth. These products were ones which I incorporated into my practice by recommending them to my patients beginning in 1985. At that time I had a small natural pharmacy in my family practice office. Following the rules of my medical licensing board, I set the prices so as to make no profit from the sales. After losing money for many years my accountant threatened to quit so I closed my medicine room.

Because these products had been so useful, my wife who was primarily an educator and healer in her own right, decided to sell these products so that my patients would be able to obtain them. They are the highest quality products that I know and I am happy that she retained a relationship with this company.

Products available through New Earth include:

If you should wish to contact New Earth yourself directly at:

1 (800) 800-1300 and wish to place an order where the operators are very helpful, please do it on her account, 408606.